Sub School

A four-week intensive program with Nathan Lively.

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  • If I'm stuck with LR subs, what are some things I can do to reduce the power alley/valley contrast?
  • If I use a center sub placement, how do I design that array so that the coverage shape matches my audience shape AND is consistent over frequency?
  • If I can fly my subs, how high should I fly them to maximize efficiency across the audience?
  • With so many options for cardioid arrays, which is the best one for my situation? How do I optimize the design and then verify it in the field once it's deployed? Do I have to design it from scratch every time, or are there some repeatable templates with predictable results?
  • The one fool-proof sub alignment method that works every time.

Questions we will answer:

  • Four 90-minute classes with demos and assignments. (all recorded)
  • A 30-minute private training session with me.
  • Lot's of demos, tips, tricks, hacks, recipes, and templates.

What do you get?

  1. Arc Sub
  2. Gradient Variations & End-fire
  3. LR Complications
  4. Make Alignment Easy & Accurate


Enroll before Oct 1 at noon to get a lifetime subscription to SubAligner ($97).

SubAligner is the web app I created to help you get the most accurate results in the field with simple distance measurements. No expensive tools or PHD required. So simple, even a video tech could do it. before