$147 - Buy 9 hours of video training

Online Wireless Workshop

Demystify wireless microphones and IEMs.

Where can you go for live training from Karl Winkler, Andrea Granata, Alex Milne, Stephen Pavlik, Pasi Manninen, and Nicholas Radina?

Your living room! (or kitchen, office, studio, whatever)

I'm bringing together some of my favorite teachers for a full day of online live sound training and networking that will cover wireless principles and advanced implementation.

Check out the full lineup below.


  • 9 hours of training from 7 different experts
  • Lifetime access to stream or download all videos, slides, and training materials

Mission: Practical education and live demonstration of wireless transmitters and receivers for the pro audio industry.


Session 1

Karl Winkler

Overview of Wireless Mic Best Practices

Antennas and RF Over Fiber: What You Need to Know.

Andrea Granata

Session 2

Radio Filters: Gateways to Precision Wireless

Alex Milne

Session 3

Vice President of Sales and Service at Lectrosonics

Co-Founder of Terraband, Inc., Founder of the RF Venue Blog

Technical Service Manager at Shure

Session 4+5

Stephen Pavlik

Wireless Crash Course for Monitor Engineers

How to Share and Utilize Spectrum Data Cross Platform

Pasi Manninen

Session 6

On Tour with O.A.R. (Interference Free)

Nicholas Radina

Session 7

Touring Monitor Engineer and RF Technician for Eli Young Band

Touring Monitor Engineer for O.A.R., writer for Live Sound International

Freelance Sound Engineer and RF Coordinator, Founder of rfscans.com


Where is it?

Online! Your living room, office, or kitchen.


How much is it?

Yes! All of the sessions are informal and interactive.

Can I ask questions?

Don't worry, it will all be recorded. Make sure to get the All Access Pass.

What if I can't make it on time?

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