An interactive workshop

Follow the Sound System Tuning Roadmap

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Learn how to:

  • Take meaningful measurements
  • Choose the best corrective action
  • Understand the concepts behind the results

Saturday December 4

9am L.A. ~ 12pm NYC ~ 5pm London

2 hours

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47 seats available

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2 hours

Monday December 6

9am L.A. ~ 12pm NYC ~ 5pm London

42 seats available


Both sessions will be recorded. Make sure to get the All Access Pass for access.

A step-by-step explanation of how to use the roadmap on your next show.

The audio analyzer is a powerful tool, but without knowing the proper order of operations and creating a plan to achieve them you may end up lost in a haunted forest.

Is it worth it?

Live training is always a good idea and Nathan's workshop delivered plenty of relevant and concise info relating to situations that arise regularly in professional audio. The 'before and after' case study format made for an easy to follow journey through the concepts at hand and facilitated meaningful discussion among all participants. The small class size allowed for each student to ask and get asked questions, and to provide additional input from personal experience.

Kevin Davis

Absolutely a great investment! It is tremendously helpful to see and collaborate with others. Nathan is really great at explaining the principles and ideas while also showing the real world application and realities of system tuning while also explaining the processes and techniques he to become more proficient.

Brian Victor

Emanuel Sequeira

The perfect workshop for beginners that are lost on their system tuning workflow. Nathan was super helpful and always open to discuss the group questions and approaches to system tuning.

Stop working in chaos.

Plan for maximum efficiency.

Cover your ass.

Nathan Lively is the founder of Sound Design Live, host of the Sound Design Live podcast (588k downloads), and author of the Sound Design Live eBook and Master Your Craft. He has toured nationally with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus and internationally with the Portuguese group, O'QueStrada. He lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Nathan Lively

Monady 19.06.2017

6:00 - 7:00 pm

Duration 1 Hour


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