Turning Technology Into Performance

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In this episode of Sound Design Live Podcast I talk with musician, synth expert, and social media addict Mark Mosher about creating compelling live performances with electronic music, music instrument technology, and how he gained thousands of twitter followers.

Details from the podcast:

  1. Mark’sMark Mosher
    1. Blog for electronic musicians, twitter feed, and Facebook page
    2. Discography:  Reboot (2009), I Hear Your Signals (2010)
    3. Shows
    4. Photo & Video
    5. Favorite Virtual Instruments: Waldorf Largo, Tone2 ElectraX, Camel Audio Alchemy, Ableton Sampler, Operator, SonicCharge Synplant, MicroTonic, U-He ACE, Zebra 2
    6. Sound sets and free patch stream
  2. Software: Ableton Live, “Sounds from a Distant Outpost” Ableton Live Pack plus compositions
  3. Hardware: Percuss AudioCubes, Novation Launchpad, Remote SL 25 Keyboard; Moog Etherwave Theremin (pitch-to-MIDI), Waldorf Blofeld, Novation UltraNova
  4. 9 Box and review 

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  1. Victor Talay says

    Thank you for providing tools which, at my stage of learning ableton, help me alot shortcutting in this long but extremely pleasant path, to reach something before “outofbreath” :0)


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