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May 23, 2014 | Oakland, California, USA

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A 12-Week Breakthrough Business Coaching Program

Based on sound engineer/designer Nathan Lively’s 13 years as an audio professional and 3 years as a blogger & podcaster at Sound Design Live, From Surviving To Thriving combines the best training content on career advice, job search, technical training, creative expression, self promotion, health, and nutrition with Lively’s valuable industry knowledge in a twelve-week business coaching program designed to help sound engineers, sound designers, and AV technicians reach new levels of fun and cash flow in their careers.

This course is important because it’s easy for audio professionals to get caught up in limiting beliefs that just aren’t true. For example:

  • “I’ll never be able to make a living and do the work I love.”
  • “If I tour a lot I won’t be able to have good relationships, unless I go out with the monitor engineer.”
  • “The UK is a terrible place to do sound, but I’ll never move to NYC or LA where all of the jobs are.”

On top of this, many audio professionals start and quit jobs over and over because they don’t see a clear way to go further. Many people haven’t figured out what they really want to do, so instead they act without a goal in mind and become burned out and demotivated. Other people know what the next step is, but lack the confidence to take it. These are precisely the problems that From Surviving To Thriving was designed to solve.

The program does this through top-quality coaching, consulting, content, community, and commitment to individuals who are passionate about building a career in the audio industry.

  • Coaching: Each program member will have a one-on-one coaching call with Lively every week via phone or live video chat.
  • Consulting: Lively will use his experience in the audio industry to provide direct guidance and feedback on the issues that you face, based on what he knows to have worked well for himself and others.
  • Content: After each session, Lively will recommend specific content (videos, audio, articles) that will be especially useful for your current project.
  • Community: You’ll have access to a private online community of other audio professionals (limited to ten people so that every voice will be heard) where you’ll share your celebrations & experiences, intentions, and challenges.
  • Commitment: Experiencing breakthroughs & success in this program requires not only Lively’s commitment to giving you the best service he can in the time allowed, but also your commitment to the program.

The difference between Nathan Lively and other sound engineers is that he has tried many different ways to market himself, sell his services, and build his career across many different fields in the audio industry, and on large and small events across three different countries. Basically, he has spent his career as a guinea pig for this program. He brings that breadth of experience to the coaching environment to create specific advice and guidance for the next steps in your career.

The result for every client is more fun, more cash flow, and to wake up every morning certain that they are on the path to career satisfaction. The program’s pilot group is limited to 10 people to facilitate active participation by all members. Until November 20th, Lively is offering a limited number of free 45-minute strategy sessions to those who are interested in the program. Besides serving as an application process, these strategy sessions will deliver tremendous value in setting audio professionals on a new path to a bigger vision. Each person will finish their session with greater clarity on their vision, the challenges they face, the strategies needed for success, and their next action steps.

To sign up, click this link and schedule a free 45-minute strategy session where Nathan Lively will help you get clear about where you are heading and how to get there.

Lively lives in Oakland, CA where he works regularly on corporate and concert events  and breakthrough training for audio professionals, and tries not to take any of it too seriously.

From Author Nathan Lively

This is the program that I needed in college when I was trying to figure out what to do with myself, unaware of the many opportunities and paths available to me as a sound engineer. This is the program I needed every time I got burned out and wanted to quit, a reminder of all of the creativity and rewards available to us on a daily basis. And this is the program that I need now, to create a sense of community in an industry that can feel lonely and under-served.

I have a passion for audio and have worked hard to find my best place in the industry. Along the way I have talked to as many sound engineers and sound designers as I could about their successes and failures. I have also studied the best in marketing, networking, and promotion so that you don’t have to waste your time on dead-end strategies. This program represents the highest value I can offer to help you take the next step in your professional evolution, and in turn improve the entire industry.



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Nathan Lively is a professional sound engineer and designer based in Oakland, California. Over the past fourteen years he has lived in Austin, Texas, New York City, Lisbon, Bratislava, and Berkeley, California, and has worked at recording studios, concert venues, theatres, and outdoor festivals. He started his podcast, Sound Design Live, to find answers to questions that weren’t being satisfied by pro audio trade magazines and books. Since then the podcast has gained 37,000 listeners worldwide and a reputation for its fun and insightful interviews on professional audio.

As a sound engineer, Lively has worked with John McLaughlin and has toured as far as Macau. As a sound designer he has been recognized by the San Francisco Theatre Critics Circle with Excellence In Theatre Sound Design. As a musician, he has performed at SXSW with the internationally acclaimed musical group Zé Dos Frangos.

Nathan Lively has over thirteen years of experience as an audio engineer and a strong music background in performance and composition. He has served professionally as Sound Designer, Sound System Designer, Lighting Designer, FOH/Stage Monitor/Recording/Mastering Engineer, Composer, Musician, and Director of Artist/Venue relations in three different countries and venues ranging from office buildings to large-scale outdoor music festivals. He speaks Portuguese and limited Slovak and is familiar with a long list of software and hardware. Lively has a B.F.A. in Music and Technology from The City College of New York where he received the Irani/Summerfield Fellowship and founded a campus chapter of Amnesty International.

During his first year in the San Francisco Bay Area, he was awarded the Excellence In Theatre Sound Design from the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle for Clue with Boxcar Theatre. He continues to pursue his passion for audio by working in theatre, concert, and corporate settings and by publishing interviews and articles on He strives to be an exceptional Sound Designer, bringing innovation, creativity, and professionalism to his work.

Lively spent his first year back from Europe in 2009 in Austin, Texas, working in marketing for a software startup, The following year he achieved one of his longtime goals by creating a computer-based wireless mix system to be integrated into the sound system of a national theatrical tour.

Lively moved to Bratislava, Slovakia in 2008, where he spent a year studying Slovak and contracting for large outdoor production companies. Being one of few English speaking sound engineers, Nathan was afforded many opportunities including working with well-known musicians John McLaughlin and Peter Dvorský. During this time, Nathan was introduced to the work of Bob McCarthy through his writing and seminars, and felt drawn to focus his career on Sound System Design and Optimization.

The previous two years in Portugal found Lively working for various artists as a recording or FOH Engineer. Much of his time was spent with the outstanding musical group, O’QueStrada. He toured extensively in Portugal and as far as Macau. The group’s creators founded a project called Tasca Móvel for which Nathan was contracted to design and build lighting for an outdoor cabaret.

Lively moved to Lisbon, Portugal in 2003 to broaden his work and cultural experience. Once he became fluent in Portuguese, Lively found employment at Galeria Zé Dos Bois where he remained for a year and a half. He was responsible for the audio/video needs of the gallery, concert space, and theatre. After leaving the gallery Lively worked for a year at the National Theatre of Portugal Dona Maria II. He operated theatrical productions in the theatre’s three venues and performed daily maintenance and special projects.

Lively moved to New York City in 2000 to attend the Sonic Arts Center at The City College Of New York. Here he learned the basics of electronics, MIDI, and the operating standards of a professional studio under Jonathan Perl and Paul Kozel. In 2003, Nathan received the Pro Musica Award from the Department of Music and graduated magna cum laude with a B.F.A. in Music and Technology.

While in NYC, Nathan was exposed to many opportunities, including a studio internship at The Magic Shop and two Sound Design positions for off-off-Broadway theatre. Two Little Indians gave him the chance to work with well-known writer/director Lee Breuer while Expat/Inferno earned Best Production at the 2003 Fringe Festival.

Before moving to NYC, Nathan received a presidential scholarship to study Jazz Guitar at the University of North Texas in 1999 with Fred Hamilton. It was there that he was first introduced to professional recording, and after a summer internship at the recording studios of Asleep At The Wheel in Austin, Texas, he committed himself to a career in audio.