How To Use Plugins with an Analog Console And Wireless Control

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In this episode of Sound Design Live Podcast I talk with my friend and former classmate Dimitris Sotiropoulos. Based in Athens, Greece, he splits his time as a sound engineer between touring and recording. We discuss the Greek economic crisis, using plugins with an analog console, and why working in the entertainment industry makes you a better person.

Computers On Stage

Dimitris Sotiropoulos at workI want to add a short note here about something that I left out of the podcast because it’s easier to do in writing. Dimitri is definitely in favor of computers being involved in the audio signal chain. I know lots of people are still nervous about this because it’s not common, but Dimitri’s attitude is really refreshing. “Who cares if it crashes, you know, shit happens all the time,” which I understand to mean why should a computer be any more or less significant than the other links in the chain. If a DI box or a mic preamp stops working, we accept it and solve the problem. A computer failure is no different and through solving problems you should be able to achieve a highly stable system.

Details from the podcast:

  1. The City College Of New York, Sonic Arts Center
  2. Greek financial crisis explained
  3. Studios/Venues: Sofita, Frangelico
  4. Software/Hardware: Digidesign Venue, Avion Headphone System, Waves Live Bundle, Waves MultiRack, Touch OSC
  5. The Katsimihas Brothers
  6. Dimitris’ 1 page tech rider, Dimitri’s Touch OSC script (and see his demo video below) Note: You’ll need to map the midi controls in the script to the midi editor of Multirack

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