Beyond FOH: Job Search Advice For Sound Engineers

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In this episode of Sound Design Live, I speak with pro audio recruitment consultant and talent acquisition manager Paul Griffiths about job search and how to prepare for interviews. We also discuss lateral movement within the field of pro audio − for example, how a sound engineer or musician might transfer their technical and customer service experience into a tech support position or a sound designer could turn their experience into a project manager position.

I was really excited to do this interview, because I think as sound engineers we get trapped by the rock-star myth and end up working mostly at clubs and concert venues. The truth is that there are many opportunities beyond FOH for people like us who have experience in professional audio and live events.

[quote name=”Paul Griffiths” picture=”” align=”left”]It isn’t always the best candidate who gets the job; the best prepared candidate that gets the job. You need to convince them that you’re the best candidate for that job. If you don’t, you’ll never get anywhere.[/quote]

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