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In this episode of Sound Design Live I talk with Larry Crane about why he started Tape Op, techniques for mixing bands in small venues, and how to be more visible to new clients.

[quote picture="" name="Larry Crane" align="left"]It’s a god damn service industry.[/quote]

sound design live larry crane tape op magazineDetails from the podcast:

  1. All music in this episode by Larry Crane except for Coast To Coast by Elliott Smith
  2. TapeOp Magazine and App, Jackpot Studio
  3. Hardware: Pendulum Quartet, Avalon U5, Whirlwind IMP2, Radial J48, Alessis Dock, UA 1176
  4. Software: Ableton Live
  5. Bands: Sea Of Bees, Elliott Smith, PDX Pop Festival, Brian Eno
  6. People: John Baccigaluppi, Trevor Horn

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  1. Rich Trucke says

    Really enjoyed this interview. Thank you for taking the time to create this content. Best of luck to you.


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