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In this episode of the Sound Design Live Podcast I talk with busy bay area sound designer Cliff Caruthers. I almost titled this one, “How To Make A Living as a Theatrical Sound Designer,” but I’ll go ahead and spoil Cliff’s answer, which is, work like crazy. We talk about some of his cool design techniques, the SF Tape Festival, and why LCS is a waste of money.

Details from the podcast:cliff caruthers

  1. People: Jake Rodriguez, Matt Ingalls, Paul Dresher Ensemble, Charlie Richmond
  2. Theatres: Ashby Stage, Theatreworks, Berkeley Rep, SF Playhouse, OSF, The Guthrie
  3. Shows: SF Sound Tape Music Festival
  4. Software/Hardware: Audio Box, Qlab, LCS
  5. The University of Missouri-Kansas City

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