Show Networks and Control Systems

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In this episode of Sound Design Live I talk with author and professor John Huntington about his new book on show control systems, who is responsible for audio quality at live events, and practical weather guidelines. We also discuss setting up computers to be show reliable, whether or not you should go to college, and how to do an ABX blind test so you don’t over-spend on pricy hardware.

[quote picture=”” name=”John Huntington” align=”left”]The record industry collapse has been fantastic for the live sound business. You have to tour now to make money.[/quote]

“You don’t have to go to school, but you do need to educate yourself one way or another.”

sound-design-live-john-huntington-show-networks-control-systemsDetails from the podcast:

  1. All music in this podcast by Zé Dos Frangos except at 1:09:50 by Animal Collective
  2. John’s Book: Show Networks and Control Systems
  3. John’s Blog: Rethinking Entertainment Technology Education, Concert Goers Bill Of Rights,  Stuxnet Worm Targets Siemens Industrial Control Systems, The Weather Is Not Boring, Indiana State Fair, Weather Resources For Show Crews, ABX Test Star Quad Cable, Cisco CCNA Bootcamp
  4. Acronyms:
    1. ACN – Architecture for Control Networks
    2. LDI – Live Design International
    3. USITT – United States Institute for Theatre Technology
  5. Sound System Engineers: Jamie Anderson, Bob McCarthy
  6. Designers: Bran Ferren, Marcus Stern, Steve Terry, George Kindler, David Smith,
  7. Software/Hardware: WiresharkStarquad cable, Dan Dugan and the Dugan Mixer
  8. School: Ithaca, Yale, City Tech
  9. Press: Live Design, Lighting & Sound America, Theatre Sound List, Show Control List
  10. The Amazing Meeting with James Randi
  11. National Weather Service
  12. Definitions:
    1. Thunderstorm Watch: Conditions are right for severe storm development.
    2. Thunderstorm Warning: Storm has been sighted.
    3. Outflow Boundary: A storm-scale boundary separating thunderstorm-cooled air (outflow) from the surrounding air.


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