Career Advice For Freelance Designers

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In this episode of Sound Design Live, I speak with blogger, composer, and game sound designer Harry Mack about career advice for freelance designers. We cover the pros and cons of being an independent contractor, how to communicate professionally, and the best and worst job-hunting strategies. We also discuss the bidding process, strategies for knowing how much to charge, and using Yoga to recover from stress and injury.

It all comes down to luck. It’s kind of sad.

sound-design-live-harry-mackDetails from the podcast:

  1. All music in this episode is by Harry Mack.
  2. Books: Working For Yourself by Stephen Fishman, You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen.
  3. Harry wrote an article for Gamasutra on the Best Tips for Building a Freelance Career, and he recommends this article as well: You don’t want to work in the video game industry.
  4. Game Developer’s Conference (GDC)
  5. Harry’s thoughts on how to get your first job:
    1. Create a professional looking website with contact and samples.
    2. Join some forums. Be aware that many student and community-funded projects won’t get off the ground, but the contacts you make are valuable.
  6. Harry’s interactive studio.
  7. Nathan’s standing desk.
  8. Software: Sonar, Sound Forge.
  9. University Of Santa Cruz


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