Success in Sound

A 12-Week Breakthrough Business Coaching Program

with Nathan Lively



Reach new levels of creativity and financial stability in your thriving business as an audio entrepreneur.

Who is this program for?

Audio Professionals

Sound Engineers

Sound Designers

AV Technicians

…anyone who would like to create a thriving business in pro audio.

What are people saying?

sound-design-live-martim-cunha-regoI created a compelling vision for my life, specified my niche, and got a job at a festival. I was so motivated and outgoing from our work together that I even started dating a girl I really like! Nathan is not only interested in my success as a professional, but also in my happiness as a human being, and I think that is invaluable. -Martim Cunha Rego, Lisbon, Portugal

sound-design-live-elis-bradshaw-headshotNathan can identify the behaviors & beliefs that are holding you back and give you concrete steps you can take to improve your business. It’s like a superpower. -Elis Bradshaw

Who is Nathan Lively?

A sound engineer, musician, business coach, and pro audio consultant.

The difference between me and other sound engineers is that I’ve tried a lot of different ways to market myself, sell my services, and build my career across many different fields in the audio industry, and on large and small events across three different countries. Basically, I’ve spent my career as a guinea pig for this program. I bring that breadth of experience to the coaching environment to create specific advice and guidance for the next steps in your career.

What’s included?

All of my best training content over the past 3 years — career advice, job search, technical training, creative expression, self promotion, health, and nutrition — in one place. Curated by me, especially for you.

Access to a focused online community of dedicated peers, personally facilitated by me.

How does it work?

There are five parts to the program: Coaching, Consulting, Content, Community, and Commitment.


You get a one-on-one coaching call with me every week via phone or Skype, depending on your needs.


Because of my experience in the audio industry I’ll give you direct guidance and feedback on what I’ve seen work well for me and others.


Each time you and I talk, I will recommend for you a particular piece of content (video; audio; article) that would be especially useful for your current project. You’ll also get access to my five week system tuning course, Seeing Sound.


You’ll get access to a private online community of other audio professionals where you’ll take 15 minutes each week to share an update about your celebrations & experiences, intentions, and challenges.


Experiencing breakthroughs & success in this program requires not only my commitment to giving you the best service I can in the time allowed, but also your commitment.

How do I sign up?

Enrollment is ongoing and limited to 8 people at a time.

To find out if you are a good fit for my program, schedule a free 45-minute strategy session today.

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