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360˚ Interactive Live Video Streaming with Zero Crew

Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher. Support Sound Design Live on Patreon.   In this episode of the Sound Design Live podcast I talk with Anthony Karydis from Mativision about how they accomplish 360º interactive live video streaming with zero crew. We also disucss their proprietary cameras and multi-channel playback hardware and live mixing concerts. […]


Support Sound Design Live on Patreon

Patreon is a great way for people like me to use crowdfunding to support their work. It’s basically like an ongoing Kickstarter campaign where you can pledge a certain amount for each new podcast that I create. Don’t worry about paying to much in a month or accidentally going over your budget because you can […]


I know, I’ll use the may I help you riff

Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher. Support Sound Design Live on Patreon. For the last three years Moldover has been blending his controllerism skills with his life-long love of Guitar. I interviewed Moldover about the evolution of his controller-guitar, The Robocaster, and his collaboration with Livid Instruments to create The Guitar Wing. And just for fun…

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