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Use Automation to Build Relationships with a Free CRM

I was surprised to discover that the most popular topic we have discussed in Pro Audio Business Blueprint so far has been how to maintain great relationships with current and past clients. In fact, this is such an important part of running a service-based business that I want you to know about it, too. Getting booked […]


One of the Key Lessons I’ll Be Covering in Pro Audio Business Blueprint

One of the key lessons I’ve learned on the way to becoming a successful sound engineer is: Be Unstoppable. It’s more important than any technical training or piece of gear, and it is one of five lessons we will cover in depth in Pro Audio Business Blueprint (only 17 spots left!). Learn More [originally publish in Behind The Mixer on […]


The Sound Engineer’s Path Webinar

Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher.   Notes from the webinar: The Sound Engineer’s Path Mind Map Pro Audio Business Blueprint The key to surviving the Fire Swamp of pro audio is to be aware of the path. If you are tired of running into quicksand and flame spurt, watch The Sound Engineer’s Path During the webinar we will […]

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