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Hate Pushing Boxes? Learn How to Build Functional Strength and Prevent Back Injury

Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher. Support Sound Design Live on Patreon. In this episode of sound design live I speak with Brandi Smith-Young, a fellow at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy, board-certified orthopedic specialist, and founder of Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy, about preventing back injury. She specializes in injury care, injury prevention, and performance training […]


Get Unstuck–Permanently

What is the value of being able to get unstuck and stay that way? Think about all of the times that you’ve felt stuck, lost, and lacking direction. Think about all of the other sound engineers out there who fell into this work and are right now struggling to make a living. Now, imagine a […]


SPECIAL REPORT: Sound System Design for Small Venues with Bob McCarthy

Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher. Support Sound Design Live on Patreon. Are you ready for over an hour of on-the-job training on sound system design for small venues with one of the most experienced sound system technicians in the world? Yeah you are! In this episode we cover: How to measure sound systems in heavy wind. […]

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